NCK Dongle Pro (এন.সি.কে ডঙ্গল প্রো)


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NCK Dongle Pro এটি একটি ফ্লাশিং ডঙ্গল। এই ডঙ্গল টি দিয়ে খুব সহজে মোবাইল ফ্লাশ, লক-আনলোক খুব সহজেই খুলা জায়। NCK Dongle Pro বাংলাদেশে অনেক সুনাম অর্জন করেছে এবং মানুষের অনেক জনপ্রিয় একটি ফ্লাশ ডঙ্গল।

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  • NCK Dongle Pro (NCK Dongle Full + UMT) – Features:
  1. Unlimited Unlock Operations
  2. Read Black Berry Unlock Codes
  3. Read Codes for HTC (OMAP & Qualcomm)
  4. Read/Write MTK Flash
  5. Write MTK Factory Flash (Flash files can be found in support area only)
  6. Format MTK phones
  7. Reset factory Defaults (ZTE phones with counter)
  8. Read Info and Provider ID
  9. Display Codes on PC
  10. Supports latest PIDs
  11. Unlock Code Calculations for ZTE cell phones
  12. Unlock Code Calculations for Motorola WX-series cell phones
  13. Unlock Code Calculations for Vodafone cell phones
  14. Unlock Code Calculations for SFR cell phones
  15. Unlock Code Calculations for ZTE Android B03/B04 cell phones
  16. Read Unlock Codes for LG Infineon cell phones
  17. Factory Reset for LG Infineon based cell phones
  18. USB Dongle protected
  19. Standalone features
  20. Direct Unlock
  21. Read Unlock Codes
  22. Standalone calculator
  23. User Code and Factory Reset
  24. Unlimited unlocking
  25. Remove Sim Lock
  26. Wipe Phones
  27. Remove Google account.
  • NCK Dongle Pro (NCK Dongle Full + UMT) – ACT1 Activation Features:
  • Micromax Unlimited Calculations-Server Based
  • Alcatel Android Unlimited Calculations-Server Based
  • HTC Android Unlocking
  • Read Huawei Gxxx series codes via cable, unlimited unlocking – Server Based
  • Avivo unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • Verykool unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • Huawei Qualcomm modems
  • MessagePhone unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • Gtran unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • Spice unlimited calculations – Server Based
  • Chibo Mobiles calculations


  • And More…
    NCK Dongle Pro (NCK Dongle Full + UMT) – CDMA Support.


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